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Lessons and Schedules 

Our music courses are designed to provide a well-rounded, enjoyable learning experience for beginners of all ages and tailored to age level and student capability.

At Fishers Guitar, we work diligently to help busy parents make the best possible music lesson schedule for their students. For instance, scheduling opposite instrument lessons for siblings or friends within the same time frame. We are as flexible as possible when it comes to alternate schedules working around sports and other activities.


During the school year lessons are scheduled early afternoon through early evening. In summer months (June - August), lessons are scheduled from mid-morning thru early evening on select days.


At this time, our lessons are conducted in the comfort of your home! All lessons are virtual.
New student preferences for an initial lesson schedule are handled via the Fishers Guitar online registration form. 

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Fishers Guitar has been instructing guitar, bass & ukulele from the same location since 2001. From rock, blues and pop to classical, indy, country or funk, Fishers Guitar has you covered!


Whether you want to play keyboards for your own enjoyment or aspire to be in a band - beginner, intermediate or advanced, Fishers Guitar can get you playing!

Singer on Stage
Voice - Pop Vocal

Singing development helps all aspiring singers and musicians. Learning the correct vocal techniques, honing pitch, harmony guidance and performance preparedness are just some of the points explored.

Our vocal coaching is geared for the pop vocalist although we use some of the same techniques found in classical voice training.

Song Writing Development
Song Writing Development

Songwriting development is designed to assist the beginning to intermediate level songwriter with lyric and melody structure. The advanced writer can expect closer scrutiny as well as commercial and demo guidance.

Song Writing Development information
Live Concert
Performance Coaching

Our artist development program helps serious, aspiring musicians through a series of tiered, music coaching sessions.

Performance Coaching is a learning experience designed to help each and every participant, regardless of age or experience, gain the in-depth performance skill and knowledge needed to assist them on a successful musical journey.

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We are now offering remote learning to all students.

Guitar Lessons
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