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Man teaching himself to play guitar at
Beautiful girl practice playing ukulele

Virtual Learning 

We are now offering virtual

lessons to all students.

COVID-19 has had unprecedented effects on the everyday lives of families and businesses everywhere. As a result, we have implemented virtual, one-on-one, personalized lessons for all students. We have adapted remote instruction as our new teaching model.


Explore virtual music lessons with Fishers Guitar and experience individualized learning at your pace. With virtual learning there is no mad dash to get to lessons on-time, unpack your instrument, tune up, and then have a lesson that is shortened by the mad dash, unpacking and tuning!

• Learn from the comforts of your home

• Erase “drop off and pick-up at music lesson” from the weekly schedule

• Missed/make-up lesson hassle is virtually eliminated

• All lesson materials are digital – easy to reproduce if misplaced

• Receive the full lesson time you expect



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