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FREE Guitar Offer

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No guitar... no problem.  With our Exclusive, FREE Guitar/Lesson Package,a beautiful new acoustic guitar is yours when you sign up for this special program. 

The FREE Guitar/Lesson Package includes approximately 4 1/2 months of private guitar Instruction, a beautiful acoustic guitar and accessories.


Our FREE Guitar/Lesson Package includes:

  • 18 consecutive weeks of 30 minute guitar lessons

  • All materials (music books, chord charts, etc.)

  • A beautiful acoustic guitar

  • Electronic Tuner

  • Folk style strap and picks

  • Two additional sets of strings

  • 2 string changes & 1 year's maintenance

  • 5 year instrument warranty

  • Registration fee*


  • 18 Private Lessons with FREE, 3/4 or 1/2 sized, acoustic guitar** & accessories
    An $950.00 value - yours for $750.00 or two payments of $375.00.


  • **Standard and full sized guitars are an additional $65.00.

  • *All new students are assessed a one-time registration fee of $30.00.
    This fee covers printed materials, CDs, etc. This fee is included in this package.

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